Age groups are determined by the age a player turns in 2022.
Players are mandated to play in their correct age group first and foremost. In circumstances whereby this is not possible, an exemption may be granted by the Woodville Basketball Club Committee.

Submitting a registration form defines the player as ACTIVE with the Woodville Basketball Club.
Submission of the registration form is an acknowledgement and agreement to the terms and conditions pertaining to obligation towards the payment of fees and playing uniform requirements.
When a player is defined as ACTIVE, it means the annual Basketball Victoria license fee has been paid at the time of registration submission.

Team lists are released close to the season start. With the release of team lists, every player listed is defined as LIVE. The definition of LIVE correlates to a players registration having been accepted and a paid position / placement in a team has been completed.
It is at this point of the procedure, that full season fees are enabled and due. The club has delivered a paid position within the club to the registered player and is now live.
Players who play for more than one team will be LIVE after 3 games have been played for a secondary team. A full second season fee will then apply.

All players participating in competitions from Under 10's upwards to Young Men / Women for the Woodville Basketball Club are obligated by the acceptance of terms and conditions at registration
to purchase or acquire their own Woodville Basketball reversible uniform as directed. There are no exceptions.
The uniform is part of the registration process.
Uniforms are available to order via Impact Sports, your Impact Sports account login email will be sent to you shortly after registration is completed.
Players who have not ordered their club uniform by the 2nd game of the season will be removed from scoresheets.

The uniform buy-back is currently inactive.

Fees thereafter are only refundable in instances where:
a) a player cannot be placed in a team due to over capacity or under capacity;

b) change of mind will not exonerate existing fee obligations to the Woodville Basketball Club
c) change of club via transfer will not exonerate existing fee obligations to the Woodville Basketball Club
d) club or tribunal suspension / expulsion will not exonerate existing fee obligations to the Woodville Basketball Club
e) the season fee covers all games played inclusively, regardless of the total number of games either played or missed. Missing X amount of games in a season will not illicit a discount or waiver of the prescribed fees.
f) ceasing to play during a season will not exonerate existing fee obligations to the Woodville Basketball Club

The playing fee for Summer 2021/22 is separated into two allocated payments.
There is a Basketball Victoria annual license fee of $25 (for 17yrs and younger) and $39 (for 18yrs and older) that is payable at the time of registration.
The season fee will be invoiced via the Woodville Basketball Club to the registered email address of the players. Fees will be due in full by December 31st 2021.

Bank Deposits
Bendigo Bank
Reference - Players Name

By registering to play for the Woodville Basketball Club in Summer 2021/22, all players registering are agreeing to meet their obligation to abide by expectations determined by the club, coaches, venue management and WBA fixturing. Failure to reasonably meet this obligation may result in a show cause request, and may further lead to removal from the playing group. Debt recovery will be engaged should fee payments not be received by the nominated due date. By submitting registration you are agreeing to accept all terms and conditions relating to fee and uniform payments / requirements and understand that failing to do so, members will be de-registered, un-insured and all associated costs with engaging debt recovery services will be applied to the existing debt.

Should terms and conditions as outlined not be agreed upon, registration should not be submitted.